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5 reasons marriages end and why

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2018 | Divorce |

It’s unfortunate, but marriages that once seemed promising can find themselves in places where they can’t go on. Divorce is a difficult subject to grapple with. People associate it with pain, anger, failure and other bad feelings. Divorce never comes without a reason, though.

If you are concerned that things are becoming rocky in your relationship, consider a few of these common reasons people find themselves ending their marriages.

Growing Apart

When you begin a relationship, odds you enjoy the same things. People change over time, though, and after months or years, you may fight that you and your significant other have become quite different people. This is a particularly common problem for people who marry very young.

It always helps to communicate new interests and fascinations you have with your loved one, and to try to take an interest in the things they enjoy.


Addiction can put a major strain on marriages, especially if children are involved. When someone abuses alcohol, prescriptions or illegal substances, there is a good chance they will end up hurting those close to them emotionally or physically. Many times, substance abuse acts as a “last straw” before the relationship ends.


Money can make people act in ways they never would otherwise. People in a relationship may be completely open about most things, but keep their finances very private. This often results in major disagreements when it comes to how money is used.

According to Business Insider, one of the best things a couple can do is share everything about their personal finances with each other before getting married. It builds trust and makes merging finances a bonding experience, not a shocking revelation.


It should be no surprise that cheating made the list of common reasons couples divorce. Adultery is certainly valid grounds for divorcing, but the reason for the adultery should be a critical takeaway. It is often a result of someone not feeling intimate with their partner.


Arguing is a factor that can be folded into the previous four reasons people divorce. Arguing ultimately boils down to difficulty communicating. Not being able to express yourself verbally and emotionally to your significant other will only lead to relationship trouble regardless of the subject.

Divorce is something that happens to many people. It doesn’t have to mean that you have failed, you are just finding a way to get to your next best future.