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When should you speak to an attorney about divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Divorce |

While each person’s path to divorce is unique, contacting an attorney at the right time can be key to getting your fair share. Is it time for you to speak to a lawyer?

Do you want to get divorced?

No matter what your reasons for wanting divorce, speaking to an attorney as soon as possible can help you create a legal strategy that protects your rights, your finances and your relationship with your children.

Is your spouse mistreating you?

While Ohio law does not require either spouse to be at fault in order for them to divorce, if you allege fault as part of your divorce then you will need to make your argument in court. The earlier you speak to a lawyer, the earlier you can collect evidence of neglect, cruelty, adultery or other fault.

Is your spouse speaking to a lawyer about divorce?

Whether or not your spouse has served you with divorce papers, if they are speaking to an attorney about divorce it can be a good idea to call a lawyer, too. This gives you as much time as possible to build a legal strategy.

Do you think that your spouse may be concealing or spending your assets to hide them before a divorce?

Over 40% of adults admit to hiding accounts or spending from their spouse. If you believe that your spouse is hiding assets so that they receive more than their share during property division, speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Do you think you want to get a divorce but need more information?

If your marriage is in trouble but you want to consider the situation fully before filing divorce papers, speaking to an attorney about your situation can help you determine whether divorce is the right solution for you. By exploring the options available to you, you can start your journey toward a brighter future.