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Signs marriage may be heading for divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2020 | Divorce |

When a marriage is in trouble, the spouses can either work to fix it or prepare for divorce. In a delicate situation like that, acting first can have a significant advantage. Recognizing the signs of a marriage in trouble can give a spouse the time they need to prepare themselves.

People commonly would say that half of all marriages end in divorce. The truth is closer to about 39% of marriages end this way. There is no guarantee of how your marriage will end, but by recognizing the signs of an imminent divorce, a spouse can fight the best possible results out of the outcome they want. So, what are signs of a coming divorce?

Hostile interactions

If the spouses in a marriage rarely interact with one another, and their interactions are aggressive or curt, it can be a sign of a coming end to a marriage. Whether the hostility is coming from one or both spouses, it can still be a sign.

Changes in intimacy

When the intimate moments between a couple experience a considerable change, it can indicate something terrible on the horizon. While a couple losing their intimacy is a common sign of trouble, an increase in physicality can also be. If a spouse is seeking companionship elsewhere, they may be bringing what they learned from outside of the marriage back home. A spouse may also increase intimacy out of guilt.

The love is gone

If your partnership feels more like a relationship between roommates than a marriage, it can be a red flag. If no one is exchanging romantic thoughts or physical touch, it may be because one or both spouses do not have any affection left for the other.

Friends and family are warning you

It is possible to be too close to something to see it for what it is. If your friends or family are approaching you about your marriage, it may be because they can see something that you do not.

Do not ignore the signs

A single instance of these signs occurring is not a promise of an imminent divorce. However, if several of these signs have appeared in your marriage, do not turn a blind eye to them. Decide on whether you want to protect your marriage or if you want to prepare for divorce, and take the first step to your goal.