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How plaintiffs reduce the value of their injury claims

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Many Ohio residents think their accident injury claims are automatically approved when they have no fault in causing the incident. That is often flawed thinking when the insurance company does not accept them. Many claimants attempt to embellish their claims regarding how badly they are injured. Internal injuries can leave the victim still mobile, and the respondent insurance company can use this mobility as a defense in some instances. All insurance companies are in business for profit, and much of their profit is made in reducing valid claims. This is why is it so important to maintain a low profile when filing an accident injury claim. Here are two primary mistakes to avoid.

Failure to photograph the accident scene

Cellphones are much too common in the contemporary world for someone to not take pictures when they are involved in a motor vehicle accident. Those who are not seriously injured should do this immediately after checking other vehicles for injured passengers. Evidence like skid marks, obstacles, and debris photos can be important when the accident is evaluated. Accident reconstruction officers often do not have the time to thoroughly investigate the incident, and images can be very effective evidence in support of a claim, including injury photos.

Posting videos on social media

Individuals who are injured rarely retain full mobility immediately after a crash. Claims of injury to the legs and back are common, as are internal injuries. Any video that shows any evidence counter to an injury claim can and often will be used in negotiations, and potentially in court if it gets to that stage. Insurance companies are well-known within the motor vehicle accident attorney profession as being diligent in denying claims or reducing the value. Many even hire private investigators to log the events of claimants when they think they have a legitimate defense for a settlement award. Social media videos are common as supporting evidence.

Never take for granted that your accident injury claim cannot be impacted by what you do after the fact. Always be aware that the insurance company may be watching with a claim reduction motive.