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What NOT to do after a car accident in Ohio

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When someone gets into a car accident in Ohio, there is a whole range of emotions, thoughts and confusion flooding their mind. As vulnerable as you would be in that situation, it is important to know what to and what not to do as this can significantly impact your compensation or lawsuits that may arise. To be on the safe side, here are the things you should never do after a crash.

1. Don’t admit to fault

It doesn’t matter if the reason why the accident occurred was because of something you did or did not do; you should never admit that it was your fault, especially to the police, insurance company or any other person involved. If you claim blame, you could receive less compensation and also be vulnerable to lawsuits. Be honest about the accident, but don’t say that you’re responsible for what happened.

2. Don’t flee the scene

Motor vehicle accidents could make you panic, especially if you were at fault. However, it is a crime in Ohio to flee the scene. You don’t want a hit-and-run charge because it would make everything more difficult even if you are innocent.

3. Don’t forget to pick up evidence

If you are capable, go the extra step of taking pictures and recording videos of the scene. Make sure that you get all the important details like the model, color and make of the car of any other people involved, their insurance information, the angle at which you were hit, the street you were on, the conversations of the witnesses, etc. Thorough documentation will help you if the case goes to an Ohio court.

4. Never fail to notify your insurance company

After calling 911 and getting the medical help that you need, notify the insurance company about the accident. You will only have a limited time to do so, and you don’t want to let the deadline pass if you intend to get maximum compensation.

It is easy to forget your responsibilities in the heat of the moment after an accident. It helps if you can calm down and approach everything from a rational point of view.