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Toll Free   888-641-0805

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Crucial defense strategies to fight an assault charge

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

An assault charge has come your way after a regrettable holiday incident. This is a violent crime, and you can expect some serious repercussions tied to the charge and potential conviction. Possible penalties: jail, probation, fines, restitution and community service.

It is time to defend yourself. How do you do accomplish this? A few ways exist. Some include that you resorted to self-defense and that you did not cause the harm for which you were charged.

Self-defense and under duress

It will not be easy to overcome an assault charge, but it is possible. Through these legal defense tactics, it may be done:

  • Self-defense: This strategy often comes to the top of the list. The other person initiated the physical confrontation and was bent on causing bodily harm to you. You prevented this from occurring because you defended yourself.
  • The result of unintended consequences: The outcome was unexpected. Perhaps you punched the other person, however, he suffered a medical situation not connected with the alteration. Perhaps the other person already had a chronic medical condition.
  • Coming to the aid of another: A victim needed help in a violent attack, and you stepped in to provide it. Your quick thinking saved this person from additional harm.
  • Your actions were justifiable: Perhaps you were in a tricky situation. If you did not take action, you would have suffered injuries. This strategy has similarities to self-defense.
  • Duress: A threat of physical violence forced you to protect yourself, thus committing a crime. Anyone in a similar situation would have done the same.

Such defense strategies may help you overcome a criminal assault charge.

Justifiable act

Assault is a serious and violent crime. Evidence may conclude that your actions led to the injuries of another. But you had justifiable reasons for



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