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Alimony Archives

How alimony works

When Ohio couples are facing the end of a marriage, the issue of spousal support is often a consideration. Despite the fact that the couple may feel it's necessary to separate their lives, in some cases one spouse may have a need for short or long-term financial support from the other.

Spouse of 90210 star faces nearly $50K in alimony arrearages

Although many Ohio residents remember Tori Spelling for her role in "Beverly Hills 90210", a more recent reality show addressed marital challenges between Spelling and spouse Dean McDermott. McDermott's infidelity in this relationship led to the reality show, in which the two publicly worked on sorting out their life together. However, McDermott's prior marriage may be further stressing the current one due to reported unpaid support to his former wife.

Deducting alimony

When Ohio couples are preparing to divorce, they should understand that alimony is deductible by the person who pays it and taxable to the person who receives it. If alimony is likely to be owed by one spouse to another, keeping the tax implications in mind during the negotiation process is important.

Alimony modification based on retirement

Alimony is sometimes awarded in a divorce proceeding when one spouse earns significantly more income than the other one. Income may change over time, in which case the person paying alimony may petition for a modification in payments. One common reason for this is retirement. An Ohio court may look at several factors in determining whether to grant a modification.

Ricki Lake’s husband challenges their prenup

In many divorces through the state of Ohio, there may be one spouse that is significantly better off than the other. So it is understandable that the lower-income spouse may have fears about divorcing, since they may worry that they will be left with little financial security.

Support matters need special attention in Ohio divorce

If there is one thing that is constant in life, it is that there will be change. For a very long time, the standard notion of family in the U.S. had the father as the breadwinner and mom the homemaker. That was the norm in Ohio, West Virginia, and just about everywhere else.

Prenuptial agreements can be successfully challenged

It used to be that prenuptial agreements were considered ironclad documents that were nearly impossible to challenge. The documents would be signed before a couple walked down the aisle, and all the contents of the document would be appropriately enforced in case of a divorce. If that divorce were to happen, the spouses may not fully understand what is still contained in their prenup -- years may have passed since they last looked at it.

Ohio murder may be culmination of years of domestic abuse

Domestic violence unfortunately affects many people in Ohio, and without the proper intervention and counseling, it can be very difficult to break the cycle of abuse. Sometimes, even the involvement of law enforcement cannot prevent spousal abuse from escalating into tragic situations.

Alimony reform hits the big screen

It is not uncommon for men and women in Ohio to marry because they love one another and want to stay united throughout the duration if their lives. When a couple is contemplating marriage or is newly married, it may be difficult to imagine the possibility of divorce. The reality, however, is that there are many couple in the United States that end up divorcing. One divorce topic that is often a concern is alimony.

Prenuptial agreement may supersede celeb's alimony request

When couples in Ohio tie the knot they may not encounter marital discord that leads to divorce. There are, however, couples that discover irreconcilable incompatibilities after they have married. When a couple determines that it is necessary to dissolve their union, there are a number of marital topics to consider—spousal support being one of them.

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