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Disagreement About Money is a Common Cause for Divorce

Most people, if asked, would prefer to have more independence and autonomy with the way they spend their money. Being able to buy the things you want for yourself and manage your own finances would seem to be the best approach for finances in marriage, especially in marriages with both spouses working and earning an income.

How to implement free-range parenting in divorce

A parenting plan is a part of almost every divorce. Most parenting plans will outline many of the key factors of how two separated parents will take care of their children, including schedules for which parent gets the child when, details about time and place for exchange, some holiday scheduling considerations and other factors involved in parenting.

Things You Should Not Forget After Your Divorce

A divorce is plenty stressful all on its own. With the emotional turmoil of ending a relationship and the practical matters of custody, support, division of assets and other divorce-related concerns, you are facing a serious challenge as you begin the divorce process.

What if your spouse is cheating?

Most married people agree that infidelity is one of the worst things one spouse can do to the other. Marital infidelity is, for many, the one thing that would justify a divorce.

Young people are more likely to hide money from their partners

For many people, marriage is meant to be a complete sharing of everything: home, vehicles, responsibilities, and even money. But not everyone agrees with this approach. Some think that money is something that each person in a relationship should have on their own.

Need to know if your spouse is cheating? There’s an app for that.

Most people can hang on in a difficult relationship through almost anything. Almost anything. Except the most absolutely die-hard committed spouses, marital infidelity (cheating) is the one thing that they cannot work through and keep the marriage alive. It is the last straw for most people.

Protecting Your Children in Divorce

The children are often the most pressing concern for divorcing spouses. Traditionally, the divorce process would involve both parties fighting it out in the courtroom, battling for victory on every disputed issue that arises. Far too often, the children are caught in the middle of this battle, and they are the ones who suffer the most in the process.

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