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Child Custody Archives

Love and money: Tax exemptions for dependent children after divorce

It's often said that marriage is about love and divorce is about money. Of course, that's a sweeping generalization; the actual reality you are living may be filled with nuances and a strange mixture of emotions.

Minimizing co-parenting conflicts

While many ex-spouses completely sever their ties after divorce, this is not always possible for those who have children. In order to avoid more time in the Ohio court system, it may be necessary to develop strategies for navigating and resolving conflicts over co-parenting. Children can benefit greatly from a parenting arrangement that minimizes stress for them, but because divorce tends to be caused by stressful issues, it may be difficult for parents to work together without at least occasionally butting heads. However, it is helpful to plan ahead to keep these challenges to a minimum.

Holiday parenting time

When Ohio parents who are seeking a divorce are trying to figure out their child custody and visitation arrangements, one important part of the discussions should be about how they will deal with holiday parenting time. Holidays can present a unique challenge because most parents will both want the child for the exact same days.

Mom attempting to establish parental rights for kids she raised

Ohio parents may sympathize with a Michigan woman who has been struggling to secure her rights as a parent after her former same-sex partner argued that she had no legal right to two children she helped raise. The partner, who gave birth to both kids after using donated sperm, and her attorney argued that the other woman had no rights to the children because she was not legally their parent.

Same-sex parenting and controversial Utah ruling

Ohio parents should be aware of a Utah custody case that made national news after officials challenged a court ruling to remove an infant from the home of lesbian foster parents and place her with a heterosexual couple. The Utah Division of Child and Family Services reported that it would fight the ruling if the judge did not rescind the action. According to the agency, the judge went against the recommendation that the 9-month-old girl should be allowed to stay with the married couple from Price, Utah.

The implications of custody battles for children

Ohio families can go through a lot of stress in the midst of child custody battles. However, those familiar with the process indicate that such legal battles are often not really about the actual needs of children. Instead, custody battles involve parental beliefs about the best interests of a child. However, the parents battling for control in terms of parenting time and custody may be promoting their own interests rather than those of the children.

Grandmother takes boys in custody battle to reservation

Ohio parents who are going through custody battles may find a recent case out of Montana to be interesting. In the case, a grandmother to two young boys who are members of the North Cheyenne tribe fled to the reservation with them after a state court ordered them to be sent to live with their father.

New school year may merit new child custody arrangements

The start of a new school year is a good time for co-parents in Ohio to assess child custody arrangements. A custody schedule negotiated when children were younger may no longer fit the children's or parents' schedules.

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