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Child Support Archives

Former co-host of "The View" ordered to pay child support

Ohio residents who are fans of the popular television show "The View" may be interested to learn that former co-host Sherri Shepherd, who left the show in 2014, was recently ordered to pay child and spousal support to her ex-husband. Although Ms. Shepherd is famous for her staunch religious beliefs, she reportedly has refused to have anything to do with her son.

Some states trying to help poor dads with unpaid child support

Several states, including Ohio, are looking into new ways to help fathers who are behind on child support payments get back on track. The methods are intended to help men who want to meet their payment obligations but simply lack the money.

Program allows prisoners in Ohio to pause child support payments

The Obama administration has announced a program that will launch in 2017 and that will allow people who are incarcerated to temporarily suspend their child support payments. The parents will need to report that their incarceration is involuntary, and doing so will allow them to effectively pause their obligation.

Jurisdiction and child support modifications

When a parent's financial circumstances have changed since a child support order was issued in their divorce case, where to file the request for modification can be a real question when they have relocated to Ohio from the state that issued the original order. There is a law that governs the jurisdictional question over where the appropriate court is to file such a motion.

Public perception of child support law

Ohio parents who either owe or receive child support may relate to the frustrations many people feel over how those payments affect their financial circumstances. Public perception on a national level has been showed to be negative as individuals' perspectives of current support standards were recently evaluated in studies. The studies were focused on allowing respondents to explain how they would assign support amounts in specific circumstances, and their decisions typically differed quite a bit from the amounts that would be ordered in accordance with current formulas.

New study focuses on unpaid child support

Throughout Ohio and the rest of the country, much of the child support that has been ordered remains unpaid. In fact, only about 61 percent of child support ordered of men had been paid to the mothers of their children in 2011. A new study looked at other contributions that these individuals made.

Divorce sees request for $1 million per month in child support

Over the last few months, it seems as if the news headlines have been filled with stories of not just high-profile divorce cases, but high-profile divorce cases with potentially billions of dollars at stake.

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