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Divorce Mediation Archives

Divorce and family conflict

Ohio couples who are going through a divorce may benefit from some basic mediation strategies. The holidays can bring up numerous conflicts for divorcing spouses, and some situations may lead to long-term problems in the family dynamic. When this occurs, mediation is often the best option to help facilitate more productive communications between family members. Mediators privately provide resolution to family disputes in a peaceful manner.

Dealing with bullying in a divorce

Ohio couples may find that interaction becomes strained or even contentious during a divorce. In some cases, spouses may begin to demonstrate bullying characteristics even if they have never acted in this manner before. In other cases, bullying may worsen from a spouse who has a history of manipulative or dominating behaviors. Although women tend to be more affected by this issue, men can also be bullied during divorce proceedings. However, an awareness of the issue can help as an individual implements protective and preventive strategies.

Understanding how mediation helps couples divorce

Ohio residents might not know that for the past two decades divorce rates have actually been declining. Some people might not believe this since divorce is responsible for so much financial waste, but mistakes that are made during the end of a marriage are normally what makes it so expensive. Understanding the options when dissolving a marriage can make the process quicker and less costly, and mediation is an alternative to litigation that couples can choose.

Reasons to consider mediation

Ohio residents whose marriages are coming to an end may wish to look into a mediated divorce rather than going through litigation. While a lack of communication is one reason that a couple may break up, mediation can help a couple start talking through the difficult issues that they need to negotiate at the end of their marriage. Some mediators say that even when couples are tense and angry at the beginning of the process, they can often help them come to an agreement over time.

Advantages of mediation

Ohio residents who are going through a divorce may wish to consider mediation. This process can be a form of conflict resolution that differs from therapy in that it does not focus on systems of behavior and mental health. Instead, mediation focuses specifically on identification of goals and reaching those goals in a way that satisfies both parties.

How divorce mediation affects children

When an Ohio couple is heading for divorce, they often face court dates and meetings with attorneys. Not only can this process interrupt the daily lives of everyone involved, it can be expensive and cause stress in the relationships between the family members. For those who wish to avoid this, divorce mediation is an alternative.

Supreme Court to weigh in on Ohio’s same-sex marriage ban

There are now 37 states now recognize same-sex marriage, but Ohio is not one of them. Not only does the state not want to perform same-sex marriages, it also wants to avoid having to recognize the legality of marriages performed in other states.

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