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Shared Parenting Options For Child Custody

Child custody discussions and disputes require a separation of your emotions from the best interests of your child. At the law office of Amy M. Levine & Associates, Attorneys At Law, LLC, we help our clients set their frustrations aside and keep their children’s welfare and peace of mind at the forefront of any decision they make.

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Helping Parents Reach Joint Custody Agreements

As part of a divorce, shared parenting plans are similar to what is considered joint custody, joint legal custody or joint physical custody in other states. Upon approval, both parents enjoy legal status of being the residential parent. However, cases exist where one parent is the residential parent. While the other parent has parenting time, they do not share equal authority in major decisions affecting the children.

In parenting plans that focus on the best interests of children, certain factors are considered by the courts:

  • Ability of both parents to cooperate and make joint decisions for the children
  • Ability of each parent to encourage a loving relationship between the child and other parent
  • History of or potential for violence or abuse
  • Geographical proximity of parents to each other and how it affects shared parenting
  • Recommendation of the guardian ad litem of the child, if necessary

One factor that is not considered is preference toward a parent because of financial status. Also, child support remains a factor, but agreements between parents and approved by a judge can be lower than what state statutes allow.

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