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Split Custody Options For Child Custody

In a split custody arrangement, parents may have different custodial rights and responsibilities with different children. Children may alternate time with each parent or live with a single parent most of the time. Their time may overlap or they may be on completely different schedules.

At Amy M. Levine & Associates, Attorneys At Law, LLC, in Columbus and New Albany, we provide tailored solutions to parents and families trying to resolve matters of child custody and parenting time. If you believe a split custody arrangement is the best option for you and your loved ones, our attorneys can help you take steps to secure a fair and reasonable parenting schedule for all of your children.

Why Split Custody?

While split custody is less common than sole or shared custody, there are several situations in which couples may choose to have different custodial rights relating to different children:

  • In some cases, parents may have their own biological children. For example, a same-sex couple that has used a surrogate or in vitro fertilization may choose to split custody so each parent maintains custody of their own children. This can also apply to heterosexual couples who had children before the marriage.
  • Split custody is also an option when children need to be in a certain geographical area. For example, if one child attends school in Franklin County and the other goes to a private school elsewhere in Ohio, it may make sense for one child to live with each parent most of the time.
  • A child who has special physical or emotional needs may do better in a single-child household than living with siblings.
  • There are also cases where a child is simply much closer with one parent than the other. Children now have more say than ever in custody arrangements, and their wishes can play a substantial role.

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