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Posts tagged "divorce"

Women who understand finances often fare better after divorce

As one year winds down and another commences, people often think about the aspects of life they wish to improve upon going forward. For women, one of those areas might include financial understanding, especially in the event of an impending divorce or other family breakdown. With the divorce rate holding fairly steady at around 50 percent, Ohio women may benefit from learning more about their financial situations and how to protect their assets.

Divorce rate is slowing but so is the rate of new marriages

Whenever the discussion turns to marriage, many people seem to repeat the phrase that more than half of all marriages don't survive. However, that trend has reportedly changed. It appears that the divorce rate dropped over the past several years. On the other hand, there may also be fewer brides walking down the aisle here in Ohio and elsewhere.

Even when ex-husbands are entitled to alimony, few receive it

The latest Census figures show that an estimated 400,000 U.S. citizens receive spousal support. Of that number, approximately 3 percent are men. However, the Census also reports that 40 percent of households list women as the primary wage earners. That would imply that many ex-husbands should qualify for alimony payments that they are not receiving. Chances are there are men residing in Ohio who could be eligible for spousal support.

Ohio child custody: Rules 27 and 22 are really guidelines

Family affairs are never easy. There are children to transport, jobs to get to, activities to attend, school years to prepare for. There may be homes you know of where all things run like a well-oiled machine. But it's more likely that the bustle of life has most families feeling as if they're being pulled in different directions.

Ohio, West Virginia, miss the cut for worst divorce states

Divorce is rarely an easy thing. Whether you are a couple dissolving a relationship in West Virginia or Ohio, chances are that the process is going to present legal challenges at times. That's one reason why working with an experienced attorney is always advised.  

With Shepherd-Sally surrogate baby near, no clarity on custody

One of the most unusual celebrity family law disputes of the year hangs in a state of limbo. There's really no way of knowing how the matter is going to play out. While the labels haven't been employed as far as we can tell, it seems the case might well warrant the moniker of the perfect child custody storm, or the mother of all child custody battles.

For productive Ohio divorce, set clear objectives

Divorce is not like most legal actions. One of the things that tends to set it apart from other adjudicated matters is that it is not a finite event. There are bound to be long-term implications. This is certainly true for divorcing couples with children. But it can be equally true in situations where there are no children in the picture.

New show treats divorce and property division as entertainment

Few decisions in life are as important as deciding that marriage is the next, best step in a relationship. Conversely, the decision to end a marriage is equally momentous and is most likely not entered into lightly. That may make the idea of a television series that approaches the decision as entertainment that much harder to swallow. However, there will probably be viewers in Ohio that may tune in just to satisfy their curiosity over how others handle some of the finer details of a divorce.

Momentum apparent in legal arena around father's rights

When parents separate, whether they are married or not, the issues of child custody, support and parenting time inevitably surface. For whatever reason, the convention that has traditionally been followed when deciding such matters has favored the mothers.

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