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Posts tagged "Child Custody"

What is shared parenting?

If you are a parent who is going through divorce, you have many important choices ahead of you. One of the most important choices you will have to make involves what kind of custody arrangement you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will use to share time with your child after the divorce.

Working toward drama-free child custody discussions

It really depends on the couple involved, but sometimes it is really hard to keep drama out of the courtroom when it comes to divorce. No matter the issue – alimony, property division or child custody – spouses may try to introduce damaging details in order to get a ruling in their favor.

Things unmarried parents in Ohio need to know

Child custody issues are perhaps the most delicate matters Ohio family law seeks to address. The vigilant focus of the courts is expected to be on ensuring that the best interests of the child or children remain paramount when making custody decisions.

What does an Ohio divorced parent have to do to relocate?

We are a mobile society. It's easier to pick up and move today than it has ever been. The distance of the move is not restricted. With all the means of transportation available, it's easy to move to the other side of the world if that's needed or desired. And it doesn't necessarily require a lot of planning. Go to the airport. Buy a ticket. Wave goodbye.

Ohio child custody: Rules 27 and 22 are really guidelines

Family affairs are never easy. There are children to transport, jobs to get to, activities to attend, school years to prepare for. There may be homes you know of where all things run like a well-oiled machine. But it's more likely that the bustle of life has most families feeling as if they're being pulled in different directions.

Ohio, West Virginia, miss the cut for worst divorce states

Divorce is rarely an easy thing. Whether you are a couple dissolving a relationship in West Virginia or Ohio, chances are that the process is going to present legal challenges at times. That's one reason why working with an experienced attorney is always advised.  

With Shepherd-Sally surrogate baby near, no clarity on custody

One of the most unusual celebrity family law disputes of the year hangs in a state of limbo. There's really no way of knowing how the matter is going to play out. While the labels haven't been employed as far as we can tell, it seems the case might well warrant the moniker of the perfect child custody storm, or the mother of all child custody battles.

Momentum apparent in legal arena around father's rights

When parents separate, whether they are married or not, the issues of child custody, support and parenting time inevitably surface. For whatever reason, the convention that has traditionally been followed when deciding such matters has favored the mothers.

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