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Can parents go to children’s events during off-custody times?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2024 | Child Custody |

Many parents in Ohio share custody of their children. Often, these children participate in clubs, sports, plays and other activities that host events open to the public.

While custody arrangements typically outline visitation schedules, they may not always explicitly address attendance at public events. Some parents wonder if they can attend their children’s events when it is not the parents’ custodial time.

Custody agreements

When custody agreements are silent on attending public events during off-custody times, parents may need to negotiate and reach a mutual understanding. Cooperation and communication can ensure that both parties have opportunities to support their child in public activities.

The child’s best interests

Children make up about 21.8% of the population in Ohio. The primary consideration for parental attendance at public events should be the child’s well-being.

Both parents should prioritize the child’s interests. Parents need to ensure that their presence at events does not cause discomfort or stress to the child. Collaboration between parents can help create a supportive environment for the child, fostering healthy relationships and positive experiences.

Boundaries and roles

While parents may have differing opinions on attendance at public events, they should try to respect each other’s roles and boundaries. Both parents play significant roles in the child’s life, and supporting the child’s interests should take precedence over personal conflicts. For example, if the parents have a hard time sitting together without fighting, one possibility is to sit apart at events. Many children adjust to this type of arrangement.

By being proactive, parents can navigate these situations amicably and support their child’s participation in public activities.