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If you are under investigation or have been arrested in connection with sex crimes involving the Internet, including purchase or dissemination of child pornography, you need an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney to protect your constitutional rights. Simply being charged can have a devastating impact on your reputation. If you are convicted of a sex crime involving the Internet, you will likely be required to register as a sex offender in any community where you live. You want an attorney who knows how to handle these delicate, serious charges.

When you hire the law offices of Amy M. Levine & Associates, you will know immediately that you are in good hands. Our clients never have to worry if we will be aggressive enough when protecting their rights. We will use all our resources, skill and experience to get the best result for you, negotiating a plea bargain if we believe it's in your best interests, but always taking your case to trial if necessary to safeguard your rights and reputation.

We provide a free initial consultation to all clients. Contact our office or call us at 614-360-2942 in Columbus or 304-519-4354 in Huntington to set up an appointment.

Columbus Importuning and Illegal Pornography Lawyer

We handle a wide range of sexual offenses involving the Internet, including:

  • Charges related to underage pornography. We represent people of all ages who have been charged with using the Internet to transfer files containing underage pornography, as well as using the Internet to complete a transaction for the sale, purchase or transfer of illegal pornography. We have represented people as young as 13 and as old as 65. In many instances, the images were transferred through file sharing or as attachments to emails.
  • Importuning. We also represent people charged with solicitation of illegal sexual materials over the Internet (known as importuning). This can happen in many ways, either through direct requests through email, file sharing, chat rooms or even the entry of search terms on a browser.
  • Adult pornography. You can also be charged with violating pornography laws for content that does not involve or include images of children. Our attorneys also defend these cases.

When you hire us to defend you against Internet sex crime charges, we will exhaustively investigate the details of your arrest and examine the evidence to identify all potential defenses. In our experience, what appear to be images of children may actually be adults whose pictures have been airbrushed or otherwise modified to appear like children. Let us use our experience to help you protect your rights.

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