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Relocation cases in Ohio

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2013 | Child Custody, Parenting Time |

One of the expected changes after a divorce is that one parent will decide to move away. Whether this move is to another city near Columbus, or to another state, relocation issues can be difficult problems to resolve without court intervention. Indeed, there are many reasons why a parent will want to change residences. They may want to start a new life or may want to move closer to care for family members.

However, some parents may have ulterior motives for moving away. They may want to initiate a new romantic relationship or seek revenge against their ex by keeping children away.

Because of this, Ohio law requires a custodial parent to seek court approval before relocating to another jurisdiction. The court has an interest in ensuring that the non-custodial parent has an opportunity to be heard, and have his or her legal rights considered. Moreover, the court must ensure that any relocation serves the child’s best interests.

To that end, the court will consider a number of factors in deciding whether to allow a move, including:

• The distance of the move

• Whether the move will significantly affect the non-custodial parent’s time with the child

• Whether the move will enhance the custodial parent’s (and the child’s) quality of life

• The custodial parent’s reasons for moving, as well as the non-custodial parent’s reasons for opposing it

• Depending on their age, the children’s preferences.

Relocation cases turn largely on the unique facts in each case, so it is important not to base one’s likelihood of success on someone else’s experiences. If you have questions about moving to another state with a child, it would helpful to consult an attorney.

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