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Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez wed in French chateau

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2013 | Child Custody |

The relationship between Halle Berry and French actor Olivier Martinez reached another level after the two exchanged vows in France over the weekend. The two had announced their engagement in March 2012, and last April announced that they were expecting a child. 

The news made headlines in Ohio and across the United States.

This will reportedly be the first marriage for Martinez, 47, while it is the third trip down the aisle for Berry, 46. She famously swore off marriage after her relationship with Eric Benet ended in divorce. Nevertheless, the two have been dating since meeting as co-stars in the 2010 movie “Dark Tide.”

The union answers some lingering questions regarding custody of the child, who is due to be born this fall. As a matter law, parents to a child born of a marriage have joint legal and joint physical custody, while unmarried parents do not. An unmarried father must petition the court for custody and parenting time, while an unmarried mother has sole legal and sole physical custody of such a child absent a court order granting the father these rights.

With the marriage, Martinez would have joint physical and joint legal custody of the child (rumored to be a boy). He explained to People magazine last fall that while his son will be an American, he will remain French.

In the meantime, unmarried couples who have questions about custody rights, especially in the face of parenting time disputes, child support questions, and relocation requests should contact an experienced family law attorney. 

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