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May 2014 Archives

Two Ohio men accused of sex crimes involving a child

Anyone facing criminal charges may be greatly concerned about how such charges will affect their lives, even if they are acquitted. This is especially true of accusations sex crimes, particularly if they involve a minor. A recent incident in Ohio shows just how serious these types of crimes can be.

20,000 pounds of marijuana seized in Ohio last year

Many people in Ohio consider marijuana to be a relatively harmless drug. It is even believed to have a positive health effect on those who imbibe it medically. However, that won't stop police from aggressively prosecuting those who are in possession of marijuana, grow it or traffic it. In fact, a recent report claims that more marijuana was seized in 2013 than any other drug.

Ohio inmate wins appeal of sentence for sex crime

When a person is convicted of a crime the law establishes the debt to society that is owed. That price is not static. It changes according to the ebbs and flows of social conscience. One thing that remains constant through the changes, however, is the idea that one person should not suffer a greater penalty than someone else convicted under the same law.

Father's reproductive rights subject of Ohio appeal

Most of the time, when we write about father's rights, the focus is on challenges fathers can face related to visitation or custody issues. Typically the goal in such cases is to either fight for greater parenting rights and foster a deeper parent-child relationship or to refute paternity claims altogether so as to avoid support obligations.

Unvested military pension is divisible property in Ohio divorce

Married couples tend to accumulate a lot of things over the course of years together. If they decide to divorce those things have to be divided. So do the couple's debts. In Ohio, the law calls for the division of assets and debts to be equitable.

Police arrest 8 in Athens drug probe; say they're not done yet

Eight individuals suspected of being part of a drug ring in Southeastern Ohio are facing formal criminal charges and authorities say they are not done yet. In fact, the prosecutor in Athens County is warning anyone who might have links to the alleged ring that they would be wise to contact police before investigators contact them.

Guilty plea offers Ohio man hope of freedom in 22 years

Every criminal charge deserves a vigorous defense. And no defendants should ever have to worry that their legal representative isn't prepared to do everything possible on their behalf to fight the criminal charges.

Study finds bias for heterosexuals in child custody fights

Social acceptance of same-sex marriage is swiftly growing in the U.S. Ohio remains among the majority of states that do not recognize such relationships, but the state's ban on gay marriage is facing a legal challenge in a suit filed this week.

Candy bar might ease domestic violence, says Ohio researcher

Snickers used to sell itself on the claim it had a fistful of peanuts in every bar. These days, the softer, kinder Snickers message is that "You're not you when you're hungry." And if an Ohio State University psychologist's research is accurate, there might be something to that.

Plea deal resolves Columbus DWI case against Roby

When addressing the issues related to a criminal charge a lot of concerns may need to be examined. By considering all the factors that may be involved with the help of an experienced attorney, it may be determined that the best option is to accept a plea agreement.

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