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June 2014 Archives

Ohio judge among backers of drug-shot option for heroin users

"Just Say No." That was the banner that advocates of the U.S. war on drugs marched behind during the 1980s and 90s. Many might argue that it hasn't quite stood the test of time, but that doesn't mean anti-drug warriors have left the battle field. And Ohio is among the states where the fight is being carried on.

Caution: Police plan drunk driving checkpoint on Rt. 23 tonight

It is a fact of science that it is impossible to say that a certain number of alcoholic drinks puts a person over the 0.08 percent legal threshold for drunk driving. Every body metabolizes alcohol a little differently. It could take one person a single beer and someone else three. Because of the discrepancy, the adage says don't drink and drive at all.  

Momentum apparent in legal arena around father's rights

When parents separate, whether they are married or not, the issues of child custody, support and parenting time inevitably surface. For whatever reason, the convention that has traditionally been followed when deciding such matters has favored the mothers.

Life insurance policy deemed community property in Valli divorce

Ohio is an equitable distribution state when it comes to property division in divorce. That's as opposed to a community property state. The difference is significant and can sometimes create major confusion -- the kind that can only be sorted out with the help of skilled legal representation advocating for both partners.

Ohio AG claims success stopping prescription pill-mill operations

Addiction takes many forms. There are food addictions. Alcohol addiction has probably been around since human beings discovered the kick delivered by fermented fruit. Then, there's drug addiction.

Knowledge can be power when dealing with an Ohio OVI charge

If you are ever arrested for suspected drunk driving, expect the police to tell you that refusing to take a breath test will result in your driver's license being suspended for 90 days. As was recently reported by The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio law requires officers to tell suspects that.

Man's right to father children headed for Ohio Supreme Court

An Ohio man who owes a hefty sum in overdue child support is under court order to keep his pants zipped so he doesn't father any more children in the next five years. The judge who issued the order calls it a matter of common sense. The Elyria man's attorney calls it an invasion of the man's privacy and reproductive rights.

'Conscious uncoupling' not as uncommon as it sounds

Divorce is always an emotional experience. The feelings that can be generated as individuals go through the process can run the gamut from anger and bitterness about real or perceived betrayals to outright relief that a bad situation is finally being addressed.

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