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July 2014 Archives

With Shepherd-Sally surrogate baby near, no clarity on custody

One of the most unusual celebrity family law disputes of the year hangs in a state of limbo. There's really no way of knowing how the matter is going to play out. While the labels haven't been employed as far as we can tell, it seems the case might well warrant the moniker of the perfect child custody storm, or the mother of all child custody battles.

For productive Ohio divorce, set clear objectives

Divorce is not like most legal actions. One of the things that tends to set it apart from other adjudicated matters is that it is not a finite event. There are bound to be long-term implications. This is certainly true for divorcing couples with children. But it can be equally true in situations where there are no children in the picture.

Caution: Divorce debt splits are irrelevant to creditors

When a couple divorces, the reaction is sure to vary among friends, family and others concerned. Some may express sympathy. Others might wonder why it didn't happen sooner. Still others may limit their reaction to offering heartfelt advice on how to get through what can be a complicated process based on their own experiences.

Ohio policy expands parents' view of online sex predators

The Internet has a distinction perhaps of being what authorities call the epitome of the "21st-century crime scene." That is particularly true when it comes to instances of alleged predatory sexual behavior toward juveniles. So much can happen behind the shield of the electronic curtain.

Promising Ohio college athlete charged with drug possession

Fans of Ohio State University's football team may have been surprised to hear of a promising player's recent arrest. However, one day after the story broke, concerning his supposed involvement in an altercation, new details surfaced that Tracy Sprinkle is also facing charges of drug possession and related offenses. This young man may seek as much information as possible as he works to clear his name in this matter.

Ohio man receives jail time in connection to drunk driving charge

An Ohio man who was arrested in connection to two accidents within one week has been sentenced to serve almost one and a half years in jail. The man, who was facing charges that included vehicular assault, was sentenced for drunk driving. The imposed sentence is almost the maximum time stipulated under state laws.

72 charged with drug trafficking, other crimes in Ohio sting

In an investigation that incorporated several different Ohio law enforcement agencies and took about a year to carry out, 72 individuals have now been charged with several serious crimes. One man, in particular, is facing charges of drug trafficking in connection with his alleged status as the leader of a gang. The purported gang is alleged to have carried out its operations across several Ohio counties.

Ohio officer and wife arrested on drug possession charges

An officer with an Ohio police department has recently been accused of engaging in criminal activity and is also facing disciplinary action from his department superiors. The man and his wife have been arrested and charged with drug possession. The couple is now awaiting further court proceedings in this matter.

New show treats divorce and property division as entertainment

Few decisions in life are as important as deciding that marriage is the next, best step in a relationship. Conversely, the decision to end a marriage is equally momentous and is most likely not entered into lightly. That may make the idea of a television series that approaches the decision as entertainment that much harder to swallow. However, there will probably be viewers in Ohio that may tune in just to satisfy their curiosity over how others handle some of the finer details of a divorce.

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