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September 2014 Archives

Optimal outcome on drug crime charge depends on knowing options

Most people prescribed powerful pain medications take them as directed and give them up without difficulty when the need for them subsides. But a small minority of individuals winds up getting hooked.

Diversion as seen in Rice domestic violence case rare in Ohio

Domestic violence is an awful reality of our time. That's perhaps one reason why victims of such abuse enjoy strong legal protection under Ohio law. But in our system, where the right of the individual to be presumed innocent until proven guilty is enshrined in the Constitution, it is equally true that those charged with domestic violence deserve as robust a legal defense as can be mustered.

What does an Ohio divorced parent have to do to relocate?

We are a mobile society. It's easier to pick up and move today than it has ever been. The distance of the move is not restricted. With all the means of transportation available, it's easy to move to the other side of the world if that's needed or desired. And it doesn't necessarily require a lot of planning. Go to the airport. Buy a ticket. Wave goodbye.

Tips to avoid being a financial victim in divorce

The process of deciding that divorce is the right route for a couple to take tends to be one drenched in emotion. In the throes of such upheaval it's not uncommon for one or even both parties to feel they're being swept along, with no sense of control. There are so many questions that need to be answered and doing things in accordance with the law is critical.

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