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October 2014 Archives

Troy girl to face possession charge over marijuana brownies

Concern over the prevalence of drugs in Ohio is the focus of a lot of attention in the state. From a public health perspective, the issue is that drug abuse -- especially of opioids -- has resulted in a rash of overdose deaths. Law enforcement has stepped up its efforts, cracking down to curb drug-related crimes of all kinds. Readers may recall a previous post about this not long ago.

What does a charge of 'gross sexual imposition' mean in Ohio?

The law is filled with language that can leave the average person at a disadvantage if they have to face the criminal justice system. In many instances, the language is archaic. Such is not quite the case with the criminal charge of gross sexual imposition. Most of the words are fairly self explanatory.

Man's reproductive rights appeal dies in Ohio Supreme Court

When you think of father's rights the first thing that may come to mind are issues of child visitation or parenting time. The second thing that might surface are questions about child support, in terms of both setting appropriate levels and then making sure that those obligations are being consistently met.

Options for divorce may exist despite Ohio ban on gay marriage

The issue of how to apply family law to same-sex a relationship is one that Ohio has not yet fully come to terms with yet. As most everyone likely knows, the state constitution bans marriages that are not between a man and a woman -- though court challenges in the works might see that changed.

What possible defenses exist for an Ohio drunk driving charge?

There was a time when drunk driving was considered little more than a nuisance. The issue has come to be regarded with a lot more concern these days. Every state, including Ohio, has adopted a number of common standards.

Ohio Rx drug turn-in day yields more than 10 tons of pills

The issue of overuse and abuse of narcotic prescription pain killers is one that has garnered significant attention in recent years. According to the Ohio Department of Health the mortality rate due to painkiller overdoses was so high that in 2011, one person died every five hours.

Overdue child support bills now shadow big Ohio casino winners

The gambling industry is described by some as being rather young in Ohio. But a new legislative measure we wrote about recently suggests the business is coming of age. What that is expected to mean, according to the state's Department of Job and Family Services, is that some child support payments currently past due will be fulfilled.

Ohio drug paraphernalia charges nothing to scoff at

The flow of public opinion in the U.S. seems to be in the direction of at least decriminalizing, if not legalizing, marijuana. As of right now, some 20 states and the District of Columbia have laws on the books allowing the use marijuana for medical reasons. Two states have even legalized the recreational use of the drug.

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