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Reasons to consider mediation

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2015 | Divorce Mediation |

Ohio residents whose marriages are coming to an end may wish to look into a mediated divorce rather than going through litigation. While a lack of communication is one reason that a couple may break up, mediation can help a couple start talking through the difficult issues that they need to negotiate at the end of their marriage. Some mediators say that even when couples are tense and angry at the beginning of the process, they can often help them come to an agreement over time.

In some cases, mediators do not initially sit the couple down to talk together. With some couples, mediators may begin by meeting with them separately. Mediators say that while they are not marriage counselors or therapists, they do endeavor to make people feel that they are being heard.

Mediation can be cheaper than litigation, and it can set the stage for better co-parenting relationships in the future. However, even for couples who do not have children, mediation may result in an outcome that is better for both parties than one decided by the judge. In general, a couple is in a better position than a judge to choose that solution.

Individuals who are considering mediation may also work with attorneys. There might be some advantages. For example, an attorney might help with solutions a client is unaware of. An attorney might also help ensure that a client still gets an adequate amount of assets from the marriage. In some cases, estranged spouses may be upset or feel guilty and relinquish more than they should as a result. The purpose of an attorney is not to make the mediation process more confrontational, but an attorney might help protect a client who is inclined to give up a home or retirement accounts simply because it seems like an easier solution in the short run.