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Spouse of 90210 star faces nearly $50K in alimony arrearages

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2015 | Alimony |

Although many Ohio residents remember Tori Spelling for her role in “Beverly Hills 90210”, a more recent reality show addressed marital challenges between Spelling and spouse Dean McDermott. McDermott’s infidelity in this relationship led to the reality show, in which the two publicly worked on sorting out their life together. However, McDermott’s prior marriage may be further stressing the current one due to reported unpaid support to his former wife.

Reports indicate that McDermott owes alimony and child support of at least $45,000, noting that payments have lapsed since February 2015. However, he reports that he has no money, which may be supported by the fact that he and Spelling have moved to smaller homes on at least three occasions in the last two years. Further, the couple has been raising money by holding garage sales in recent months. Spelling and McDermott have four young children, and the obligation to other children along with a serious change in financial standing might be reason to seek a change in any formal support orders.

An individual dealing with alimony issues from a prior marriage might face consequences such as garnished wages or other legal action to force payment. However, a spouse to whom support payments are due might not have much legal recourse if the matter was not handled through a court order. With a court order in place, there are legal avenues to handle a lack of compliance. An individual who has experienced a significant change in financial standing, meanwhile, could take the matter back to court to request a modification in support payments.

A lawyer might help an individual who needs a support modification by organizing financial documentation to prove that a significant change has occurred. It is important to handle such a request promptly because unpaid support will typically continue to accrue until such a change has been ordered.