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Dealing with bullying in a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2015 | Divorce Mediation |

Ohio couples may find that interaction becomes strained or even contentious during a divorce. In some cases, spouses may begin to demonstrate bullying characteristics even if they have never acted in this manner before. In other cases, bullying may worsen from a spouse who has a history of manipulative or dominating behaviors. Although women tend to be more affected by this issue, men can also be bullied during divorce proceedings. However, an awareness of the issue can help as an individual implements protective and preventive strategies.

One of the most common bullying behaviors during divorce proceedings involves threats about custody matters. A bully may also lie about incidents in the past to create a negative view of their partner. They may try to isolate that individual from supportive parties such as family and friends. They might also involve a lawyer in their case to intimidate their spouse. Bullying does not necessarily imply that an individual will become physically abusive, but it is important to be vigilant if this type of behavior is anticipated.

A divorcing party who suffers from being bullied might begin to let the situation take a toll on their health through poor nutrition and inactivity. In addition to caring for one’s personal needs, it can be helpful to establish clear boundaries to ensure that the other party knows when they are crossing the line. Keeping a journal of unwelcome activities and behaviors can be important for demonstrating an adversarial situation to a judge or mediator.

Although mediation can be a helpful option for resolving financial and custody matters during divorce, an individual who lacks trust for the other party might not be comfortable with this measure. A lawyer may be able to recommend other alternative solutions for handling divorce proceedings in an effective manner.