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Avoiding the Health Risks Associated With Divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Divorce |

Everyone knows that divorce and separation can have a serious financial and emotional toll on everyone involved. But what a lot of people entering into divorce don’t realize is that divorce can also have a tremendously negative health impact, as well.

It is important for people facing divorce to understand the risks and take steps to avoid the health consequences associated with divorce.

What Health Problems Does Divorce Cause?

According to, studies show that divorce and separation can cause significant health problems. The article states that, compared to married people, divorced or separated people exercise less, smoke more and show signs of problems with their lungs. In fact, “[t]hose who were divorced or separated had a 46% greater risk of dying during the study than their counterparts who were still married.”

These are serious issues that people facing divorce need to address and consider.

What Can You Do to Avoid These Risks?

Well, the obvious answer is to not get divorced, but that is not always an option for everyone. Awareness is one of the most important factors in avoiding these health problems. Some things you can do include:

  • Avoid letting yourself go: The stress involved with divorce causes many people to want to drink more, smoke cigarettes and engage in other self-destructive behavior. It is important to avoid this in order to stay healthy.
  • Exercise regularly: Another temptation during the stressful time of divorce is to avoid staying active. Go to the gym, go walking regularly and engage in other physical activities.
  • Minimize stress by maintaining balance: For some people, maintaining balance is a spiritual thing. For others it involves maintaining good relationships with family and friends. Whatever it takes for you to maintain balance, it is important that you do.

Although divorce can be extremely stressful and a potential health risk, make sure that you do whatever you can to stay healthy and maintain balance in your life.