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When might a spouse speak to a divorce attorney?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Divorce |

A marriage could become intolerable for both spouses, but that doesn’t mean both partners rush to get a divorce. Those unable to reconcile problems in the marriage may eventually seek to dissolve the union. Since divorce requires completing a legal process under Ohio law, a spouse might need to discuss the situation with an attorney. Meeting with an attorney at the right time may help the situation.

Time to meet with a divorce attorney

Once one spouse serves the other with divorce papers, the other partner might find it beneficial to contact an attorney. The divorce process now starts, so seeking legal representation without any delays appears advisable.

Conversely, anyone who feels the marriage is over and wants to end it would likely contact an attorney. However, even someone only thinking about a possible divorce might find value in meeting with a legal professional. A marriage could fall apart, or it may be salvageable. Regardless, speaking to an attorney to learn about the divorce process or seek answers to legal questions might be helpful.

Meeting with an attorney at the early stages could keep a spouse from losing time. Also, a comprehensive meeting might help a spouse make more informed decisions.

The marriage becomes strained

A spouse may soon discover too much stress and strain makes continuing in the marriage impossible. Adultery, physical abuse, looming abandonment, and growing rifts could all make the union untenable.

Upon realizing a marriage is in serious trouble, a spouse may require an attorney’s counsel. Filing for divorce involves several steps an attorney could handle. “Sooner rather than later” seems like the time to consult with a divorce attorney. Early preparedness may make things work out better for a spouse interested in ending a marriage.