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Issues that most people overlook in divorce in Ohio

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Child Custody |

Although divorce is often narrowly thought of as a legal process involving the division of assets, there are other important concerns that can be overlooked during this time. It is essential to consider these factors when making decisions, especially if you and your spouse have children.


While you may focus your attention on dividing up possessions and assets, it’s also important to consider your financial situation. How will the divorce affect your future income? Will one party need alimony or child support? What will be the tax implications of the decisions made? It can be beneficial to talk with a financial planner or accountant before making any decisions.

Child custody and visitation rights

Divorce affects children, who often need special consideration during this time. Not only is it important to consider child custody arrangements, but also the visitation rights of both parents. Depending on the relationship between you and your spouse, joint physical or legal custody may not be possible. It’s important to remember that even if the relationship is strained, your children still need access and contact with both parents.

Mental health

Divorce can be an emotionally trying process, and it’s important to take care of yourself mentally. Sometimes it can be helpful to seek counseling or therapy during and after the divorce, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed by the situation. It’s also important to take breaks from the process to relax and find support in friends and family to help you cope with the process and make decisions that are aligned with your long-term best interests.

Estate planning

If there are children involved, it’s important to consider updating your estate plan. This can help to ensure that your assets get divided up according to your wishes and provide for the future care of your children. It’s also important to consider updating beneficiary designations on any life insurance policies or other accounts.

Divorce is a complex process with far-reaching effects, including financial, emotional, and legal implications. It is essential to consider all aspects of the process when making decisions during this time to ensure that all parties involved are protected.