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3 tips for summer vacation and shared custody

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Family Law |

Now that spring has arrived, planning for a fun summer vacation starts.

If you have shared custody of your children, planning ahead holds even more importance. To help your children have a positive memorable summer, consider these three tips.

1. Check your parenting plan

Prior to making any big plans, consult your court-ordered parenting plan. This plan serves as an important reminder of the allotted time you get with your children. If your summer plans do not follow the plan, you must get permission from the co-parent to deviate from it. If they do not agree, you may need to change plans or file a visitation change order.

2. Discuss your plans

As soon as an idea pops into your head, start a conversation with your co-parent. Communicating right away makes it easier to plan as well as come up with a new one if things do not go your way. During the discussion, lay out every detail possible. This includes dates and times, if traveling out of state, and other vital details.

3. Keep your children in mind

Ensure that summer does not turn into another way for you or your other ex to one-up each other. Staying clear-headed and focused on the children should always come first. Additionally, discuss with your children what they want to do over break. As the children get older, they may get more involved in other activities. While you may want to go somewhere exciting, your children may want to enjoy staying home to spend time with friends.

Summer comes with many different kinds of fun but can also mean added tension and frustration. The above tips may help keep potential issues at bay.