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June 2015 Archives

Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of gay marriage

Many Ohio residents have been paying close attention to the legal battle over same-sex marriage. The practice was banned in Ohio by lawmakers in 2004, and the state's residents have also supported a constitutional amendment prohibiting the recognition of same-sex marriage. However, these legislative efforts were consigned to the history books on June 26 when a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court rendered such laws unconstitutional.

New study focuses on unpaid child support

Throughout Ohio and the rest of the country, much of the child support that has been ordered remains unpaid. In fact, only about 61 percent of child support ordered of men had been paid to the mothers of their children in 2011. A new study looked at other contributions that these individuals made.

Sex offender programs may change after federal ruling

Ohioans who stand charged with sex crimes may be interested to hear about a June 2015 federal ruling that could change the way the accused are treated in Minnesota and other jurisdictions. According to reports, 700 individuals sued the state because its sex-offender program effectively left them incarcerated for the rest of their lives even though they had already served their jail sentences satisfactorily. These individuals, many of whom were patients at two major facilities, were committed to the program in accordance with common law, but formal inquiries revealed that none of them had a chance of exiting the facility even if they responded favorably to treatment.

Aurora shooter seeking insanity defense

Ohio residents may be familiar with a case involving a man who fired shots in a Colorado movie theater. He is accused of injuring 70 people and killing 12 others. The man's lawyers admit that he fired shots. However, they argue that the accused is not legally responsible for the crime because he was mentally insane at the time of the incident.

An explanation of plea bargains for DUI

Part of the evaluation that an attorney conducts for a DUI case is determining whether it is better for the defendant to accept or negotiate a plea bargain or to go to trial. DUI defendants in Ohio have the choice of requesting public defenders or retaining private attorneys, both of which evaluate the best course action for the defendants.

Fraternal twins can have two fathers, but how?

In any child custody and child support case, paternity is a deciding factor. That's because courts here in Ohio don't want to order a man to pay support or give him parental rights if a link to the child cannot be established either through voluntary acknowledgement or through genetic testing.

Ohio law may excuse underage drinkers who call for help

Ohio lawmakers are considering a law that would provide a safe haven for underage drinkers who call for medical help. The measure would fall under Ohio’s current Good Samaritan laws, which protect people from facing charges after providing medical assistance to those in need.

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