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October 2015 Archives

Former Subway spokesperson pays restitution to victims

Many Ohio residents were shocked earlier in 2015 when the popular Subway sandwich spokesperson Jared Fogle was accused of possessing child pornography and engaging in sexual acts with minors. Fogle subsequently entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors, and he is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 19. Fogle entered pleas of guilty to a raft of charges including possessing and distributing child pornography and 14 counts of committing sexual acts with both males and females under the age of 18.

Program allows prisoners in Ohio to pause child support payments

The Obama administration has announced a program that will launch in 2017 and that will allow people who are incarcerated to temporarily suspend their child support payments. The parents will need to report that their incarceration is involuntary, and doing so will allow them to effectively pause their obligation.

Understanding how mediation helps couples divorce

Ohio residents might not know that for the past two decades divorce rates have actually been declining. Some people might not believe this since divorce is responsible for so much financial waste, but mistakes that are made during the end of a marriage are normally what makes it so expensive. Understanding the options when dissolving a marriage can make the process quicker and less costly, and mediation is an alternative to litigation that couples can choose.

Grandmother takes boys in custody battle to reservation

Ohio parents who are going through custody battles may find a recent case out of Montana to be interesting. In the case, a grandmother to two young boys who are members of the North Cheyenne tribe fled to the reservation with them after a state court ordered them to be sent to live with their father.

The use of a novel defense for DUI manslaughter

Ohio residents may recall the 2013 incident when a minor from Texas whose alcohol level registered three times the legal limit hit a group of individuals who were standing at the side of the road attending to a disabled vehicle, killing four of them. After a well-publicized trial, he was sentenced to 10 years probation and ordered to a rehab facility by the judge.

Reasons to consider mediation

Ohio residents whose marriages are coming to an end may wish to look into a mediated divorce rather than going through litigation. While a lack of communication is one reason that a couple may break up, mediation can help a couple start talking through the difficult issues that they need to negotiate at the end of their marriage. Some mediators say that even when couples are tense and angry at the beginning of the process, they can often help them come to an agreement over time.

Man calls 911 because he smoked too much marijuana

On Oct. 2, an Ohio man reportedly phoned 911 to confess he was "too high on weed." The incident occurred in Austintown. According to the police report, officers responded to a residence on the 100 block of Westminster Avenue at around 4:25 p.m. Upon arrival, they were pointed to an upstairs bedroom by the caller's grandfather.

Hiding assets and other divorce fraud

Many Ohio couples who are facing the end of a marriage realize that property division is an important part of the process. In some cases, assets might be hidden by one spouse, making this complex. Knowing where to look and warning signs that may indicate assets or income was hidden is essential.

Advantages of mediation

Ohio residents who are going through a divorce may wish to consider mediation. This process can be a form of conflict resolution that differs from therapy in that it does not focus on systems of behavior and mental health. Instead, mediation focuses specifically on identification of goals and reaching those goals in a way that satisfies both parties.

Two men arrested on multiple offenses involving heroin

Heroin use is a growing issue in Ohio and across the country. The increased availability of the drug and its addictive qualities make it a growing target for law enforcement. With that in mind, law enforcement authorities in many states are taking steps to pursue those they believe are distributing heroin, and in some cases they are seeking stringent penalties to dealers who have been connected to a fatal overdose. An example of the police making arrests when it comes to violation of heroin laws recently occurred in New York.

Officers crack down on drug offenses on Ohio highways

It was reported on Sept. 30 that Ohio authorities were involved in a six-state crackdown that ran from Sept. 24 to Sept. 27. In total, 37 felony drug arrests were made on Ohio's highways alone. The other states involved in the crackdown included Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, Kentucky and Indiana.

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