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November 2015 Archives

Some states trying to help poor dads with unpaid child support

Several states, including Ohio, are looking into new ways to help fathers who are behind on child support payments get back on track. The methods are intended to help men who want to meet their payment obligations but simply lack the money.

Police may have used illegal wiretaps in drug cases

Ohio readers may be interested in the story of hundreds of national wiretaps approved by a California county that may be ruled inadmissible because they were not properly approved by the district attorney as required by federal law. The violation could undermine up to 738 wiretaps used in drug cases as far away as Kentucky and Virginia.

Jared Fogle sentenced to over 15 years for sex crimes

Ohio readers may be interested to learn that a federal court sentenced former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle to more than 15 years in prison on Nov. 19 for child pornography and sex crimes. The 38-year-old father of two pleaded guilty to one count each of distribution and receipt of child pornography and traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor in August.

Sex offender registry not "cruel and unusual" punishment

Many people in Ohio and other states are concerned about the presence of sex offenders in their community. There is a significant concern that these offenders will strike again, putting children and adults alike at risk. One way that lawmakers have combated perpetrators of sex crimes is by instituting public registries.

How alimony works

When Ohio couples are facing the end of a marriage, the issue of spousal support is often a consideration. Despite the fact that the couple may feel it's necessary to separate their lives, in some cases one spouse may have a need for short or long-term financial support from the other.

Same-sex parenting and controversial Utah ruling

Ohio parents should be aware of a Utah custody case that made national news after officials challenged a court ruling to remove an infant from the home of lesbian foster parents and place her with a heterosexual couple. The Utah Division of Child and Family Services reported that it would fight the ruling if the judge did not rescind the action. According to the agency, the judge went against the recommendation that the 9-month-old girl should be allowed to stay with the married couple from Price, Utah.

The implications of custody battles for children

Ohio families can go through a lot of stress in the midst of child custody battles. However, those familiar with the process indicate that such legal battles are often not really about the actual needs of children. Instead, custody battles involve parental beliefs about the best interests of a child. However, the parents battling for control in terms of parenting time and custody may be promoting their own interests rather than those of the children.

Marijuana felonies and misdemeanors

Marijuana remains illegal in Ohio after the most recent election in November 2015, but state residents may wonder exactly what the laws are. Possessing less than 3.5 ounces or giving someone else less than 20 grams of marijuana are minor misdemeanors for which individuals cannot be jailed. The maximum penalty is suspension of the driver's license for up to five years and $150 in fines.

Buckeyes quarterback charged with OVI

According to law enforcement authorities, Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback J.T. Barrett was charged with operating a vehicle while he was impaired by alcohol on Oct. 31. The charge led to his being suspending by the football team for one game.

Spouse of 90210 star faces nearly $50K in alimony arrearages

Although many Ohio residents remember Tori Spelling for her role in "Beverly Hills 90210", a more recent reality show addressed marital challenges between Spelling and spouse Dean McDermott. McDermott's infidelity in this relationship led to the reality show, in which the two publicly worked on sorting out their life together. However, McDermott's prior marriage may be further stressing the current one due to reported unpaid support to his former wife.

Drug crimes and the federal prison population

At times, it may seem that the War on Drugs is not doing enough to keep offenders off the streets of Ohio. However, the population of federal prisoners increased by 800 percent between 1980, when the increased attention to drug trafficking began, and 2012. Unfortunately, the rising prison population has created a stress on the resources needed to maintain these prisoners. Statistics indicate that at least half of federal prisoners are held because of drug activity, primarily trafficking.

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