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December 2013 Archives

Ohio couple dead after alleged domestic violence encounter

Families are composed of people that come from a variety of backgrounds. Some family members possess different beliefs than others, but often their differences can be resolved. There are, however, instances when people disagree and an argument can turn into a domestic violence scene.

Husband involved in high asset divorce flees the country

There are many facets to divorce that can be challenging to deal with. Some people in Ohio experience difficulties as they determine child custody assignments, divvy up marital property and determine child support or alimony payment schedules. When one spouse flees the country amid divorce proceedings, however, it can be even more challenging to finalize a divorce and move on.

Marine veteran faces international child custody issues

One of the most heart wrenching facets of divorce in Ohio may be related to child custody. Some parents work together as partners to determine what is in the best interest of the child, but there are other parents that find it difficult to decide how to best divide their child’s time between the two of them. When child custody issues arise, it can be a considerable challenge for everyone involved.

Alimony reform: a subject of controversy

For some, the notion of supporting a spouse in Ohio after a divorce is absurd. The party that is obligated to pay it may feel blighted that he or she is under a legal contract to support a former spouse. For the party that receives it, they may balk at the very idea of alimony and consider it archaic and discriminatory.

Man seeks child support modification, Twitter shares and $120,000

There may be occasions when divorce in Ohio is fairly simple and does not take long to finalize. It is not uncommon, however, for complex issues to arise that may require time, money and mediation. When children are involved there are often child support arrangements to be made. Over the years a child’s financial needs may evolve as could the income from the parent funding support payments.

Domestic violence attack ensues during waning Thanksgiving hours

The holidays can be a time to attend parties and enjoy the company of friends and family members, but they can also provide people in Ohio with opportunities to engage in behavior that may not normally participate in. Sometimes the holiday hubbub and intimate events with friends and family members promote altercations, and in some cases a person involved in an altercation can wind up with a domestic violence charge.

Experts offer advice to reduce costs associated with divorce

When people in Ohio enter the union of marriage, it is unlikely that they do so with the intention to divorce later on in life. Rather, people more often enter a marriage relationship with a desire to stay together and love one another for the duration of their lives. The once simplistic idea of marriage today, however, is more complex and wrought with more challenges than ever before.

Alimony law disputed by group of divorced men

In a previous post the concept of spousal support payments and how they are perceived by men and women today in Ohio and across the country was discussed. Some people found the very premise of alimony offensive, particularly when women today have more education and enjoy more equality in the workplace than they did 50 years ago. In fact, many of today’s modern women out-earn their husbands. The idea that women rely on their husbands to provide for all of their financial needs may be considered by some as archaic.

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