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January 2014 Archives

Severe penalties for failure to pay child support

When a couple brings a child into the world, it is often a happy time; one when the new family can learn and live and love together. There are occasions, however, when the happy family experiences setbacks. Sometimes these setbacks stem from financial turmoil, illness, changes in personality or priority, and a number of others. If a couple decides that these setbacks supply good reason to divorce and children are in the picture, there may be a child support schedule for parents to consider.

Missing Ohio girl spotted in Kingston

One of the challenges divorcing couples in Ohio face is child custody rights. Yes, dividing assets, devising child support or alimony payment schedules and other facts of divorce may also be challenging at times, but it may be even more cumbersome to arrange child custody assignments to a contentious couple. Ideally, mothers and fathers would be looking after the best interests of the child, but sometimes a person’s judgment can be clouded by the stress and life changes that divorce brings on.

Federal government renews grant award to Medina County

People in Ohio and throughout the country have many experiences over the course of their lives that give them experience and perspective. In many cases, couples and families live together in harmony; there are, however, occasions when people do not. When disagreements arise and tempers flare, some people respond with acts of domestic violence.

Man faces prison time for failure to pay child support

When a couple in Ohio decides the divorce, there are a number of legal topics to consider. If the couple has a substantial number of assets, they may need help dividing them appropriately. If they have children, they may have to determine a visitation schedule and child support payments. These as well as other topics can be discussed as the divorce process ensues, but it is important to realize that once an agreement has been arranged, both parties may be required to abide by it for a long time.

Domestic violence victim sentenced with leniency

It is not uncommon for men and women in Ohio to have fulfilling relationships with their friends and family members. There are, however, occasions when people have less than satisfactory experiences with their friends and families. Sometimes tempers can flare and people respond with violence. When people find themselves in situations where domestic violence flares up, they may seek orders for protection.

Prenuptial agreement may supersede celeb's alimony request

When couples in Ohio tie the knot they may not encounter marital discord that leads to divorce. There are, however, couples that discover irreconcilable incompatibilities after they have married. When a couple determines that it is necessary to dissolve their union, there are a number of marital topics to consider—spousal support being one of them.

Keeping the best interests of the child at hand when divorcing

In most cases, marriage in Ohio is intended to last until “death do us part,” but there are occasions when its duration is not so lasting. Reasons for splitting up are many and can range from incompatibility to infidelity and everything in between. With a recession behind us and an economic recovery at hand, divorce and related issues, like child custody and spousal support, are sometimes handled differently than in years past.

Butler County leads state in child support collection efforts

There are a number of reasons why a couple in Ohio may decide to separate and eventually divorce. Sometimes newlyweds come to the conclusion that their marriage was rushed and a mistake. Other times couples that have been married for years and have raised children together decide that they have irreconcilable issues. Whatever the reasons are and no matter how long the couple has been married, divorce happens.

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