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November 2014 Archives

Even when ex-husbands are entitled to alimony, few receive it

The latest Census figures show that an estimated 400,000 U.S. citizens receive spousal support. Of that number, approximately 3 percent are men. However, the Census also reports that 40 percent of households list women as the primary wage earners. That would imply that many ex-husbands should qualify for alimony payments that they are not receiving. Chances are there are men residing in Ohio who could be eligible for spousal support.

Ohio physician faces drug trafficking charges for 2nd time

Ohio patients may spend years seeking advice and treatment from those providers with whom they have built a years-long relationship. While each doctor is an individual with lives outside of his or her speciality, it can be devastating to them personally and professionally if they find themselves accused of engaging in criminal activity such as drug trafficking. One doctor has now faced this scenario for the second time.

Different BAC levels could have impact on drunk driving charges

Throughout the state of Ohio individuals get behind the wheel to drive after consuming alcohol. While often those people are completely fine to drive, in other situations, they may have had enough to push their blood alcohol content into a range that is against the law.

Ricki Lake’s husband challenges their prenup

In many divorces through the state of Ohio, there may be one spouse that is significantly better off than the other. So it is understandable that the lower-income spouse may have fears about divorcing, since they may worry that they will be left with little financial security.

Working toward drama-free child custody discussions

It really depends on the couple involved, but sometimes it is really hard to keep drama out of the courtroom when it comes to divorce. No matter the issue – alimony, property division or child custody – spouses may try to introduce damaging details in order to get a ruling in their favor.

Ohio considers law requiring lawmakers to take drug tests

Ohio is one of several states that are currently considering laws that would mandate drug testing for welfare recipients. Ohio lawmakers in support of the bill say that it would help prevent taxpayer dollars from going to drug dealers.

We help dads fight for the parental rights they deserve

In our last post, we discussed how a group called the National Parents Organization has been advocating nationally for 50-50 shared parenting arrangements to become the presumption in state courts. The group admitted that it is facing an uphill battle, largely because many judges still hold the antiquated belief that mothers are better parents.

Non-violent young people face drug trafficking charges, too

Drug trafficking allegations are rarely as simple as prosecutors would have us believe. To get a conviction, a prosecutor may cast the defendant as a hardened criminal who knowingly gamed the system to transport drugs and sell them to an unsuspecting community, when the facts of the case may instead point to an addiction problem, a moment of desperation or a mere lapse in judgement. In other cases, people accused of drug offenses have done absolutely nothing wrong and have had their rights violated by police.

Drug court program may be an option after a heroin arrest

In recent years, the United States has seen a dramatic rise in the use of heroin and addictive prescription drugs. Ohio and West Virginia are no exceptions. Many people who are arrested for narcotics possession in our region would prefer to stop using, but addiction is too powerful. In addition to protecting an individual from the effects of police violations such as illegal search and seizure, a strong criminal defense may involve helping a defendant get addiction treatment.

Are unvested military retirement benefits subject to division? (2 of 2)

Welcome back. We are currently discussing a divorce case that was recently decided by the Ohio Supreme Court and asks whether unvested military retirement assets, like vested military retirement benefits, are considered property that can be divided during divorce.

Are unvested military retirement benefits subject to division? (1 of 2)

Although military divorce takes place through the same family court process as civilian divorce, there are unique issues that apply. For example, military pensions are an important part of the property division aspect of many military divorce cases and are often a couple’s largest asset.

Things unmarried parents in Ohio need to know

Child custody issues are perhaps the most delicate matters Ohio family law seeks to address. The vigilant focus of the courts is expected to be on ensuring that the best interests of the child or children remain paramount when making custody decisions.

Mediation or litigation: What's best depends on divorce goals

The needs of today's families are as different as the structures those families take. The practicalities of each family's situation are such that what might have once been considered a "traditional" family is now only one of many models.

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