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January 2016 Archives

Love and money: Tax exemptions for dependent children after divorce

It's often said that marriage is about love and divorce is about money. Of course, that's a sweeping generalization; the actual reality you are living may be filled with nuances and a strange mixture of emotions.

Divorce and family conflict

Ohio couples who are going through a divorce may benefit from some basic mediation strategies. The holidays can bring up numerous conflicts for divorcing spouses, and some situations may lead to long-term problems in the family dynamic. When this occurs, mediation is often the best option to help facilitate more productive communications between family members. Mediators privately provide resolution to family disputes in a peaceful manner.

Minimizing co-parenting conflicts

While many ex-spouses completely sever their ties after divorce, this is not always possible for those who have children. In order to avoid more time in the Ohio court system, it may be necessary to develop strategies for navigating and resolving conflicts over co-parenting. Children can benefit greatly from a parenting arrangement that minimizes stress for them, but because divorce tends to be caused by stressful issues, it may be difficult for parents to work together without at least occasionally butting heads. However, it is helpful to plan ahead to keep these challenges to a minimum.

Auto-brewery syndrome leads to DUI dismissal

Ohioans may be interested in a recent DUI case out of New York. In the case, a woman who was charged with a DUI after testing revealed her blood alcohol concentration to be nearly four times the limit had her case dismissed.

Holiday parenting time

When Ohio parents who are seeking a divorce are trying to figure out their child custody and visitation arrangements, one important part of the discussions should be about how they will deal with holiday parenting time. Holidays can present a unique challenge because most parents will both want the child for the exact same days.

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