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Finding An Equitable Divorce Resolution Through Collaborative Law

At Amy M. Levine & Associates, Attorneys At Law, LLC, we focus on helping clients throughout Franklin County protect their interests during divorce and other family law matters. Sometimes, this means fighting for them in court, but often both parties benefit from a more measured, collaborative approach. In the collaborative process, both parties sit down with their attorneys and other professionals, including financial experts and psychologists, to resolve key issues together.

Why Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative law in divorce cases focuses on reaching solutions rather than having a winner and a loser. In the traditional adversarial process, each party’s lawyer focuses on winning and advancing their client’s interests exclusively. The collaborative process, however, requires parties to exchange information openly and honestly. Their attorneys focus on helping them reach an amicable agreement that is acceptable, if not completely optimal, to both parties. If no agreement is reached, different attorneys must represent the parties in litigation.

Collaborative divorces are often less expensive, time-consuming and stressful than traditional divorce litigation. Divorce litigation can take years to conclude, consisting of a lengthy discovery process and often multiple motions before trial. In contrast, most collaborative proceedings are resolved in just a few meetings, especially when they involve uncontested issues. Both parties can save thousands of dollars in attorney fees by choosing to take a collaborative route.

Divorce is hard on children no matter what, but making a commitment to collaboration can help ease the stress on them in a custody dispute.

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