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What Happens In Court During Family Law Proceedings?

Depending on how contested a family law matter becomes, the process can be very different for everyone. If you are going through a complex divorce where most issues are contested, your case will take longer and involve multiple hearings in court. If your case is less complex and both parties agree on many aspects of the divorce, the process may be able to be resolved quickly and without ever having to appear in front of a judge.

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The Divorce Process In Ohio

The divorce process generally starts with the filing of a complaint in the judicial system. Once an answer is received by the other party, the case continues to a hearing.

The initial hearing is called a pretrial hearing. During this part of your case, discussions between the attorneys and the judge are had, any guardians ad litem for children are assigned and sometimes settlement offers are made. Mediation may also be entered into to try to further an agreement between the parties. If your case is uncontested, the process becomes more simple and a hearing may not be necessary.

If issues are still contested and no agreements are made, then trial commences. This process can take a few months to more than a year depending on the unique facts of your case.

Having an experienced lawyer in your corner can help you protect your interests and make sure everything is completed correctly. Any missteps in the process can make your divorce drag on longer than necessary and could result in you receiving less than you are entitled to.

How Child Custody Is Resolved In The Court System

The family court systems in Ohio actually prefer when families can decide cases outside of courtroom. By utilizing the skill and experience of a sophisticated lawyer, you will be able to develop a solid parenting plan without ever having to step foot in court.

At our law firm, we have drafted numerous parenting plans to resolve custody disputes over the years. We can help you put one together that will be approved and protect your child’s best interests.

If a reasonable agreement cannot be achieved outside of court, our attorneys can represent you at a child custody hearing. At this time, facts will have to be presented to a judge who will create a parenting plan for the child. The judge will analyze many statutory factors, but the best interests of the child will always prevail.

Is There A Way To Avoid Court During Divorce?

Absolutely. Our team can help you lay out everything that needs to be discussed regarding an uncontested divorce. The entire process can be completed in our office. If both parties agree in all matters, then we can file the appropriate paperwork on your behalf to quickly and efficiently get you moving forward with your life.

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