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Skilled Guidance For The Division Of Retirement Accounts

The two things people are typically most concerned about during divorce is what will happen with their children and what will happen with their assets. At the law office of Amy M. Levine & Associates, Attorneys At Law, LLC, we represent individuals in Columbus and throughout Ohio at every step of the divorce process, helping them determine child custody and property division matters.

The firm’s founding attorney, Amy Levine, has an LL.M. in business and taxation, and her knowledge and understanding of finances and financial documents give our team a unique perspective in the division of retirement accounts. We work with financial experts and accountants to ensure all retirement accounts are accurately valuated, and we work closely with our clients to ensure they understand their options and the possible ramifications of asset division.

What Is A Qualified Domestic Relations Order?

Qualified domestic relations orders (also called QDROs) are used to divide retirement accounts during the divorce process. The QDRO helps ensure the alternate payee receives an ownership stake in his or her ex-spouse’s pension plan or retirement account. When we represent clients, we help ensure their QDROs comply with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) guidelines.

Contact An Experienced Columbus Property Division Lawyer

When individuals contact us, we educate them about the tax implications of dividing their accounts, the differences between accounts that are in the state versus public sector, and other elements that could affect their asset division. To learn more about the counsel we provide to individuals, schedule a free initial consultation. We can be reached through an online contact form or by calling our Columbus office at 614-360-2942 or our New Albany office at 614-721-7726.